Marina Knyazeva is painter and an interior designer. She was born in Siberia, Russia and relocated to Australia at the age of 14, with her family. Marina painted from an early age and was very influenced by her artist mother, she had her first exhibition at the age of seven and used to be a street artist in her teenage years, sketching portraits of people on the streets of Omsk (Siberia). Later on in life she chose a creative career in Architecture by becoming an interior designer, working for top architectural firms in Sydney.

Marina is inspired by simple forms, femininity, raw emotions, natural occurrence, dramatic colour palettes, textiles, inner sensuality and occasional pops of nostalgia. Her art is about the truth, the colour and it's therapeutic presence, aesthetics and most importantly - deep emotions.She believes that art should have an impact on a person on a very deep psychological level,it should never be purchased unless it makes you feel and makes you see the artist's vision on a deeper, more personal level.

The Future is Female is a very special collection of self expression on female form in conjunction with nature and The Universe, It outlines femininity, female beauty, inner strength and universal "super power". The raw beauty of women and their role in creation of the world. These art series bring awareness to our oneness with the world and the true meaning of our feminine "masculinity".

The world is your oyster.


An Arty Farty Fundraiser - 2018

Dance For Life Fundraiser - 2020

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